What to do…

The death of a loved one is a difficult event to come to terms with. Tartu Krematoorium is here to help organize everything for a dignified funeral.

When a loved one passes away?

1. Call an ambulance or family doctor

When a loved one passes, call an ambulance (tel. 112) or family doctor to confirm the death. When the death happens in a hospital, their doctor will confirm the death.

2. Order transportation to the morgue

Call Tartu Krematoorium’s 24-hour telephone number at (+372) 748 7108 or (+372) 5860 6000. We will transport the deceased to our morgue, whether they died at home or in a hospital.

3. Certification of death

See your family doctor, who will provide you with a medical death certificate. In case of a pathological or forensic autopsy, the medical death certificate will be provided by the doctors performing the autopsy. In case of a death at Tartu University Hospital, the medical death certificate will be provided by the respective department. Transport from TUH to Tartu Krematoorium is free!

4. Register the death

The medical death certificate must then be taken to a local government office to register the death and obtain a death certificate. In Tartu, the death is registered at Tiigi 12, 2nd floor, irrespective of the deceased’s place of death or residence. Financial funeral aid can also be applied for online at the local governments’ webpages. When registering the death, the application for the aid can also be filled out at the same time.

5.Arrange the details of the funeral

Arrange the whole funeral online or come to our office Mon-Sat 9:00-16:00. We are located at Rahumäe Cemetery, Jaama 122a. If you have any questions or wish to reserve a time for a funeral ceremony, please contact us at 7487 108 or tartu@krematoorium.ee. Tartu Krematoorium can organize all the necessary details for a funeral, including the acquisition of death certificates.